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What happens when a 7-year-old girl chooses a

Highland Park Christmas Light tour

over a pedicure party for her birthday?



ZoŽ, a lively 7-year old, chose Vintage Carriage's Highland Park Christmas Light tour over a pedicure for her birthday party.  About 20 young ladies took the Christmas Light Tour through Highland Park on one of our Party Wagons, and there was no doubt the girls were having fun.


After the ride, ZoŽ described the ride as "great" and affirmed that she made the correct decision (tour vs. pedicure) with a resounding, "Yes!"


These are memories that will be etched in the girls' minds forever ... the fun they had, the songs they sang, and the beautiful lights they saw while being pulled in a Party Wagon by 2 majestic horses.


These young ladies also touched the hearts of those of us who were around them, by their manners, attitude, and amazing intelligence (they sang a Christmas song -- in Latin!)


Memories for a lifetime -- only from Vintage Carriage, and sometimes with a little help from ZoŽ!


(Some of the pictures below were provided by ZoŽ's mother, and we are very appreciative.  We are not providing photography credits to her in order to preserve ZoŽ's privacy.)



  ZoŽ, the birthday girl  
  2 Horsepower Carriage  


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