About Us

We are family owned with a dream to make memories for all occasions.

We have 8 pairs of percherons, which are known as the gentle giants of horses.  Each has their own personality.

Rough and Tough are a beautiful pair of white percherons who pull a white carriage for weddings, quincea├▒eras, and special occasions.

Andy and Kelly are a team of very large black percherons who pull the horse-drawn hearse for the last ride. Perry and Ike also pull a hearse for families. Ike was saved from slaughter in 2016.

Salt and Pepper are a mixed team (1 black and 1 white), they work only at Christmas time. The rest of the time they romp in a 10 acre pasture. Salt and Pepper were also rescues. It took 2 years of care to get them back to where they should be. The vet estimates Salt was born in 1980. We have had them since 2008. 

Gus and Woodrow are the newest addition to our horse family. They are a black team who we will work into our horse drawn hearse rotation.

We offer professional, caring, and memorable services.  We pride ourselves on our horse drawn funerals, carriage rides and home going celebrations. We treat everyone like royalty and are thankful for all our loyal customers.