These FAQs are geared toward Highland Park Tours

Are we allowed to bring drinks with us?

This is an excellent idea, particularly on the Highland Park Christmas Light tours where the temperature can get quite chilly.  Drinks should be in a sealed container, or you might be wearing them instead, as there can be bumps along the way.  (Webmaster's note:  Bring an extra cup for the driver and you might get a more detailed tour!  George and the other drivers like hot chocolate)

You'll be traveling through public neighborhoods on the Christmas Light tours, and while it's a festive occasion, please remember you are riding next to people's homes.  

Are we allowed to bring snacks with us?
We ask to not bring food on carriages. Crumbs and upholstery don't mix. Thank you. 

Should we bring blankets?

Blankets are provided on all carriages, except the haywagon. Please realize there is hay on the wagon, Fleece blankets and hay are a frustrating combination. If you bring blankets, a smooth cotton comforter, or something similar that can shake hay off easily will work well.

Are there restrooms along the way?

No doubt in the homes along the Christmas Light tours, but they probably wouldn't appreciate strangers knocking on their doors, especially after dark.  After you turn west onto Mockingbird from Hwy. 75 (Central Expressway), there are several public restrooms in the shopping center on the right, including a book store, Starbucks (very quick in and out), La Madeline, and a CVS drug store (you have to ask for a key).  These are only a few minutes from our departure point, and the tour is about an hour.

Should we tip the driver?

No tip is required or expected.  However, if you decide you want to show your appreciation to the driver for an excellent tour, tips are always appreciated.

Will flash pictures scare the horses?

Our horses are very gentle and very well trained.  Flash pictures don't seem to bother them.

What if we have to change or cancel our reservation?

We try to accommodate our clients as much as possible.  However, cancellations / changes must be made at least 72 hours in advance, as we are probably turning down others for the time slot reserved for you.  All others, including no-shows, will be charged full price per our cancellation policy.

What about rain?

On the morning of the ride, if we determine the weather will be prohibitive, we'll call you.  Because of the time-sensitive scheduling, we'll operate in a light drizzle, so come prepared if the weather is threatening.

Is the price you quote for the carriage or per person?

You reserve the carriage for that price.  You may include as many or as few people as will safely fit.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA and MasterCard. We are unable to accept cash, except as tips.