Customer Reviews


"We used you last year and loved our tour!!"  E. Rogers 

"It [Highland Park Christmas Lights tour] was awesome. The weather was extremely seasonable on New Year’s Eve. I took my elderly mother with me as she had never seen the highland park area at Christmas time. I cannot remember the woman’s name, as I wish I could, but she was a tall blonde, and what a personality. She’s from the Chicago area. She made the whole trip!!! I would request her again when we do the trip again this year. In fact, the candy cane house actually looks like Dr. Seuss, and I told her that. Tell her that, she will get a kick out of it. Wouldn’t do the trip without her!"  L. Hrubes

"Thank you guys ... you are a wonderful team of professionals and we greatly enjoyed working with you.  I'd like to definitely reserve you for the 4th next year, and we'll definitely keep you in mind for any other events that come up."  Frank Hamlin, Director, Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations, Central Market

"I smile so proudly every time I think of the carriage and the trip to the gravesite.  My dad would also have been very proud.  Thank you for providing some sunny moments where it would have been mostly cloudy."  Linda Eddy

"God bless you."  Shirlene, Nicholas, Bryan and Katy Laurie

"The transportation was great because my whole family was able to participate at the parade -- something they can't normally do."  Hon. Laura Miller, Mayor, City of Dallas, at Freedom Pride Parade

"The Highland Park Carriage Tour was an unbelievable experience for our family.  We've taken this tour several times, and it never gets old.  We took our pastor and his wife with us on one trip, and they booked another for their kids when the tour was over."  Ray Williams