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Our carriages


We have two hearses in our fleet. You can call us directly and we will work with your funeral director. Or have your funeral director call us. 

Vis a vis

Our 4 seater vis a vis is made by Troyer. A beautiful coach with red velvet upholstery.  Great for weddings and quinceaneras.

Vis a vis Limos

We have two vis a vis limos. A limo is just like a regular vis a vis, but has an extra seat in the back.  

The carriage shown seats 6.

The other, made by Raber, seats 9 with white upholstery.

 Great for weddings and quinceaneras. 

Surrey - 9 seater

Pictured is our nine seater surrey made by Justin carriages. Please note, there will be no top on this carriage. It is too hard to haul with the top. Will update picture soon.

Surrey - 12 seater

Pictured is our 12 seater surrey made by Roberts. 


Our party wagons hold 20 people each. We have three in our fleet. Two are as shown in the picture, the third is painted red. All these wagons were built by George, the owner.